How to be a Hang Gliding Master?
Hang gliding has become now a wonderful and popular sport around the world over the past 20 years. If you're going to take your try at this sport and technology, you'll need to master hang gliding.

In order to master hang gliding, you'll need to study the sport and craftsmanship of the equipment as well as the history of the sport. Remember, you'll be gliding through the air at heights that small airplanes can reach and you can be suspended in a glide formation for quite some time. The study of the aerodynamics of the single wing structure, the gear and rigging to master hang gliding and how to maintain it can be the difference between a fun experience and a disaster.

There are a number of hang gliding schools around the world to master hang gliding and finding one calls for you to do some simple homework. First you want to look for a school or company that meets the standards of safety and quality. That's going to prevent and handle many a problem. You'll then want to find out if the classes or schools are manned by top hang gliding pilots and professionals in order to master hang gliding.

Once you've got the tools, gear, rigging, and training, you'll be actually performing. That means knowing the take off and landing procedures, you'll need to study and practice how to maneuver, glide, avoid objects in the air, the steering and stunts that master hang gliding calls fore etc. Of course you might want to go into competition and there are many. The competition calls for proper take-offs, maneuvers and landing. Only well studied individuals and teams of hang gliders should enter the competition end. Once you've got the basic training and are off and soaring, you'll now be put to the task of improving and becoming not only a competent hang glider but one who can master hang gliding. The adventure is waiting for you now.

Photo Credit:Steve Slater

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