Tips for Learning to Play the Harp
The harp is a complex instrument. There are several major types, sizes and string quantities; the more the strings, the larger the range of music. There are harp teachers for each of these types of harps, and experts that can tutor all varieties of harp musical training.

The lap harp is a common choice for many students, being smaller and simpler to learn. It has between 22 & 38 strings, and can be played sitting down, with the harp on your lap, or standing with a securing waist strap. Harp teachers can greatly assist persons interested in learning the play the harp as it is not easily self taught.

Then there are the larger harps such as the pedal harp and the lever harp or Celtic harp. The lever harp got its name from the lever that is used at the top of the harp to change the many strings. And, it has been called the Celtic harp for generations due to its origin in ancient Ireland. Most students begin by learning the lever harp, since the cost of the lever harp is much less then that of the pedal harp. Thus, lever harp teachers are abundant. Once you have mastered the lever harp, it is simple to move on to the pedal harp, if possible.

There are music schools that teach this, with accredited music and harp teachers.

There are quality online programs offered from a diversity of music schools and academies with harp teachers. These are helpful, though they could not be considered a complete education in playing the harp.

The most flexible of harp teachers, of course, are tutors. You could opt for private lessons; the harp teachers come to your own home with individualized lessons designed to meet your needs and fill in any gaps in your music learning.

Photo Credit:Robert Couse-Baker

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