Modern Dancing
Would You like to Learn Modern Dance?
Learning modern dancing is like learning anything else—it takes desire, commitment, and time! However, it’s also a very free and expressive form of dance, rejecting many of the traditionally accepted “rules” of dancing put in place by such pillars of dance such as ballet. Because of this, students of modern dancing are usually proficient in the style much sooner than in some of the other more conventional types of dancing. Many have said how it gave them a stronger sense of who they are deep inside, and helped them realize their once forgotten dreams and ambitions.

Originality and emotion are key players in modern dancing, and the individual dancer is encouraged to express his heart and mind freely, often using dramatic and sometimes surprising or sudden movements to convey his innermost feelings. This also keeps the audience captivated not knowing what will come next, and is very interesting to watch.

Modern dancing was actually initiated at the beginning of the last century, when artists, dancers, and composers all began turning from the accepted and formerly unquestioned rules of these and other art forms, seeking instead more freedom of expression, not only in its dance style, but music as well.

One of the most noticeable changes modern dancing made was in the form of their costumes—dancers wore much more revealing costumes, and often danced without shoes of any kind.

If you would like to learn modern dancing, there are many dance studios that focus on this revolutionary and creative style of dancing. While modern dancing is a break from the traditional rules of dance, it has its own beauty and grace which is worth learning and practicing until you have reached a level of mastery you can then use to dance with freedom and confident expression.

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A Tuba
Best Places to Find Tuba Lessons and Instructors
The tuba is a member of the brass family, having the largest size and lowest pitch. Because of its large size the tuba is extremely strenuous to both study and play, and therefore one of the most challenging instruments. As you can imagine, a brass instrument of this size is not always the easiest for younger students to carry around. Therefore, in the case of the tuba, the size of the student is sometimes a factor in the choice of this instrument.

Most tubas will usually weigh 30 to 50 lbs with an additional 5 to 15 lbs for the carrying case, and if one were to unfurl and stretch the instrument all the way out, the length would be about 27 feet. Therefore, if a smaller sized or very young student is interested in learning the tuba, it may be best to start with the baritone and make the switch later. The instrument called the baritone is much smaller, but very similar in function.

Another version of the tuba that actually goes around the middle of the musician and is easier to carry is the sousaphone. It is used mainly for marching band, and is much more functional for this purpose. However, although it is lighter and easier to carry, it is not smaller and still would be difficult for beginners of small stature.

Anyone can learn the tuba, although it may take them months to study and years to master. Once learned however, the tuba can be a fun and fulfilling instrument to play. One of the best and most straightforward ways to learn the tuba is to go to a class. Classes can be found in many places, primarily in schools and community centers. You can go to one of these and easily sign up for lessons in a matter of minutes, as most are completely open to the public for a small fee. At a class like this you will learn the tuba efficiently, quickly, and skillfully.

The main two problems with group classes like these are the price and the group setting. Some people just don’t have the money it takes to learn the tuba at a school. Others don’t want to try to learn the tuba within a group setting because they study much better one on one. There are solutions for those problems following.

If the group setting thing bothers you, you can find a private tutor to help you learn the tuba almost as easily as finding a school. The trick is in knowing where to look. One great place to check is in classifieds, online or in newspapers, to see if any local tutors are willing to take you on as a private student. You can also check with music stores and schools to try to find these.

And if money is your problem, don’t worry. There are thousands of educational resources completely for free online, and you can learn the tuba with one of these. Instructional videos, tutorial articles, and step by step how-to’s are just a few of the invaluable options you can find for free on the internet.

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Phantom of the Opera Flyer
A Public Domain Movies List
Are you creating a movie project and need some clips? Do you like to dub over movies and create your own versions? Finding a public domain movies list will help you out quite a bit in either case. The public domain is a legal classification of property. Public domain property is available for free use by anyone who might want it, for any purpose whatsoever. These products are considered items of cultural heritage. They are not owned or copyrighted by anyone.

Hundreds of films, videos, shows, cartoons, and other media are in the public domain. Any film made before 1923 is automatically in this classification. Some famous titles in the public domain are The Man Who Knew Too Much, Night Of The Living Dead, and the Superman cartoons. Wikipedia contains a short public domain movies list, but there are other websites that will be more useful to you. has a great public domain movies list that lists them in order of popularity. Metropolis, a 1927 science fiction classic, is the number one ranked movie. Some other top movies are The Last Man On Earth, Popeye, and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Sites that rank their public domain movies list like these are excellent because you can save a lot of time by looking at recommended movies.

Open has a list of 450 movies in the public domain. They have broken them up into Comedy & Drama, Western & John Wayne, Silent Films, Documentaries, and Animations. There are some surprisingly notable titles throughout these lists such as Alice In Wonderland, Yellow Submarine, and Brave New World. is a good place to find a public domain movies list. Their number one ranked film is Intolerance, from 1916. Some other top rated films are Battleship Potemkin, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Buster Keaton's The General. has lists of public domain movies arranged according to the starring actor as well as by letter. They have many films by Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, D.W. Griffith, and Georges Melies. Some of their top rated movies are The Sin of Harold Diddlebock, Man With A Movie Camera, Haxan, T-Men, and M. is another good site to find copyright free movies. This site, along with, even lets you download the films you find on their public domain movies list. Emol has movies arranged by Adventure, Cartoons, Comedy, Family/Kids, Horror/Sci Fi, Westerns, and Travel. Their most popular movies feature The Three Stooges, John Wayne, Sherlock Holmes, Bugs Bunny, and Laurel & Hardy.

On the site, they recommend not downloading and watching these movies using a mobile phone because the files are too large. There are also options for you to stream the movies directly to your computer without a big download. There are plenty of public domain movies list sites out there, and hundreds of movies available to you. With a bit of looking around you will be able to easily find enough films or footage for whatever your needs may be.

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