Country Dancing for All Ages
If you enjoy country dancing, there are plenty of groups, clubs, workshops and social events where many people meet to enjoy country dancing together. All are welcome, no matter what age, nationality, or level of ability. It’s great exercise as well, and brings smiles to those dancing and those watching!

Of course, if you would like to enjoy country dancing to the full, you should enroll in simple lessons for the first little while. But it’s not like ballet or any of the other more complicated dance styles which take years and years of rigorous dance training to master. Country dancing is quick, easy and fun to learn, as long as you are willing to put some energy into your moves and some bounce into your step! It’s no wonder so many people enjoy country dancing, as it is a dance all can join in right from the beginning, even if you have had little or no training! Don’t be too afraid to make a mistake, as it’s not all about precision and perfect body poise, but rather enjoyment of movement and wonderful company!

Another reason so many people enjoy country dancing is because it is a very social and friendly type of dance. Partners switch frequently, adventurous dancers make up their own steps, and even those on the sidelines participate by stomping their feet or clapping their hands. The musicians join in on the action as well, sometimes dancing and prancing as they play!

Many nations and peoples enjoy country dancing in their own unique style, often with colorful, vibrant yet simple costumes, which makes those watching enjoy country dancing even more! It is so beautiful to see all those swirls of multi-colored costumes come together in an exciting combination of lively music, animated dancing, and smiling participants!

Photo Credit:Jeffrey Bary

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