Learn Persian Without Books and Homework
If the idea of a traditional language class makes you shudder but the idea of learning a language seems exciting, interesting, or simply necessary, don’t you worry. There are plenty of nontraditional ways to get you learning and using Persian. So whether you’re visiting Iran or another country of Persian influence, or if you’re just interested in expanding your language skills, take a look at these free options.

Language Exchange Partner
This is your best bet to really learn Persian; what better way is there to learn than working one-on-one with a native speaker? Language exchange partners are great because they come ready with a working knowledge of Persian and are invaluable conversation partners with whom you can practice your spoken language. In short, they are a resource to help guide you through the process of learning a language and helping you find useful tools to aid in your learning. Learning from a native speaker also gives you an inside look on the different cultures and helps make the learning process more dynamic.

You can connect with a language exchange partner for free at LRNGO and exchange your time teaching them something (it can be anything—English, even!) for Persian lessons.

Podcasts and Radio
Listening is a great way to get learning a language, especially because you can do it anywhere while doing almost anything. You can listen to podcasts on your phone while you work around the house, take a walk, or drive to work, making it easier than ever to make time for learning. Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation is a great beginner’s course that helps learners get the foundational skills they need to succeed in the language. BBC Persian Radio Select is perfect for a speaker with some Persian foundation to use to strengthen their vocabulary and listening skills.

Watching videos online is an easy way to learn on your own. Watch some of these engaging Persian teachers and get the benefit of both auditory and visual learning with these videos.

Persian Pod 101 plays on the idea that you can learn Persian in three minutes and features a few three-minute lesson videos for beginners to help build up their vocabulary and expressions.

Mauwood Academy offers learners over fifty videos dedicated to teaching Persian. The videos are clear and helpful and focus on vocabulary and grammar, helping you get a strong grasp on the basics.

As you become more advanced in your Persian skills, try moving onto watching videos (or movies) in Persian with Persian subtitles, allowing you to get more natural exposure and practice to the language.

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