Improve Your Chances of Getting a Free Spanish Tutor
Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. Along with 330 million native speakers, there are about 100 million speakers who speak Spanish as a second language.

As the population of Spanish speakers continues to grow, many non-Spanish speakers are becoming interested in learning the language, but what many people don’t realize is that there are opportunities online to score free lessons with qualified Spanish instructors. If you are looking to learn Spanish at no cost with the help of a Spanish speaker, two great sites to look at are YouTube and Lrngo.

If you feel like you learn better by being taught by a teacher, YouTube is a good starting place to find one. ButterflySpanishola, LearnSpanish1, and SpanishDict are only three of the many YouTube channels that are solely dedicated to teaching Spanish. The numbers speak for themselves: With over 26,000 subscribers each, these numbers show that the provided lessons are successful to many eager students. All the teachers on these channels focus on teaching specific words, phrases, grammar, and pronunciations. One of the perks of free online video instruction for a language is that you are able to correctly see and hear how words and phrases are pronounced. Overall using online YouTube videos is a much better strategy than trying to self-teach the language with textbooks and feeling unsure about what you have learned or guessing on pronunciations.

If you feel like online videos are not enough and that you need a tutor you can actually talk to, Lrngo is the place for you. Lrngo is a website that facilitates free learning and language exchange with others. By typing in your zip code, city, or country of residence, you can find hundreds of people who are willing to teach certain subjects and who want to learn other subjects. By sending a person a message, you can agree to have a free language exchange lesson. For example, if I see a profile of a person who can teach Spanish and wants to learn English, I can send that person a quick message saying I can teach English and want to learn Spanish. From there, we can agree to have an hour lesson teaching each language for free. With Lrngo, you can meet people around your area at the public library, park, or university for a lesson. A person who lives too far away is not necessarily a problem because lessons can be easily given through online face-to-face video chats such as Skype, Oovoo, or Google Hangouts. With this convenience, you can always be guaranteed to find a free Spanish tutor or teacher anywhere whether locally in person or halfway around the world online.

If you are looking to learn Spanish for free with a tutor or teacher, YouTube and Lrngo are two sites you definitely want to visit. YouTube offers ready-made lessons by teachers with the click of a button, and Lrngo gives the opportunity to interactively learn from Spanish tutors and practice with Spanish speakers online or around your area. Before you think about needing to pay to obtain a Spanish instructor, first utilize these online resources and take advantage of what these resources are freely willing to offer.

Photo Credit: Tulane Public Relations

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