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Creating a Funny Gift Certificate
Sometimes it can be tough to come up with original and interesting gifts for the holidays and for birthdays. Gift certificates have been becoming more and more popular. These are great gifts because generally it lets the person choose whatever they want from a store but still shows that you took some time to pick their gift out. There are also many ways of creating a funny gift certificate for your friends and family – have you ever thought that you can make up any gift certificates you want? Making your own gift certificates will really show that you put some time and effort into their gift.

Overall, you will only be limited by your own creativity. The best way to go about creating a funny gift certificate is to consider the recipient's work, hobbies, interests, daily activities, favorite foods, places to go, etc. Think about any outstanding qualities the person has, or anything especially noticeable about them. Imagining the time that you first met them might be a good idea. Creating a funny gift certificate doesn't happen without a bit of effort. Brainstorm for a little while and write down your ideas. Then go through them and pick out the best ones.

You basically have two choices – you can make a certificate that the person can exchange for a task, such as a back rub, or you can just make a funny certificate about that person. You will have to be creative about this, depending on the person and the situation. Promising a co-worker a Pancake Dinner In Bed might send a strange message, but this would be good for a spouse. If you are a manager at an office, creating a funny gift certificate can let you abuse your power in some interesting ways. You can certify your employees to wear funny hats, have first dibs on the copy machine, or give out some free passes to get lunch for the office.

Creating a funny gift certificate to honor a person's quirky traits goes well with another gift. You can give a person an award like this for having the Most Interesting Hair (or Smell), the Loudest Laugh, or being a Facebook Fanatic. There are many work-place opportunities for gift certificates like these. The Mime Award can be given for Advanced Skill in Pretending To Work, and the Tardiness award can be given to whoever tends to come in late the most. The Sleepyhead Award is not one you want to get in front of your boss.

Be sure to put a short subtitle or message explaining the award when you are creating a funny gift certificate. Don't just give them the Naptime Award – be sure to explain that it is for Exemplary Service And Dedication In Dreamland. Make sure that your gift certificate looks nice – use a word processor to format your award and put a nice border around it. You can also buy a shiny gold sticker for it that says '#1' or something similar. If you have great handwriting, you can even write and draw the whole thing yourself.

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Why You need to Study Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts have been around as long as history. From the simple to the gaudy, from the intricate designs of the pysanka painted eggs of the Ukraine, to the complicated foldings of paper of the Japanese origami art, each holds its own uniqueness and beauty.

In order to truly enjoy making something, you need to be good at it, and in order to be good at it, you usually have to study it. That’s one reason it’s important to study crafts—to learn about their history, methodology, and meaning, and then, if you are brave enough, to attempt to make a craft yourself.

To study crafts you don’t need to be an artist or good with your hands. There are many who study crafts who simply admire their beauty and the incredible workmanship behind their design and making. Of course, some crafts are simple, and yet, simplicity is its own form of beauty.

Not everyone can study crafts because it takes having an appreciation first of all for their design, as well as for the method with which they are made—some of which are incredible, and which we cannot even fathom, wondering how such amazing crafts came to be.

To study crafts is to study culture, and the more you know about it, the greater appreciation you will have for it. When you study crafts made by a certain race or from a specific time period in history, you gain a deeper knowledge of those people and that time period that you would’ve if you had merely taken the crafts at face value. If you took the time to study crafts made in Thailand, for example, you would understand that a small boat made of banana leaves floats down the river as a symbol of forgiveness.

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Free Stuff in Fort Myers, FL
There are plenty of free attractions for vacationers and locals in Fort Myers, FL. Most involve the natural beauty intrinsic to the Sunshine State, but there are plenty of constructed facilities, too. From sunny beaches to fine parks and museums, Fort Myers has a little of everything for the visitor on a budget.

The beach receives top billing in Fort Myers. Sun, sand, and surf have always been free, and Florida’s beaches are world famous for their beauty and mild climate. Among the free stuff in Fort Meyers FL, Fort Myers Beach in particular is award-winning for safety. This distinction is based on the shallow water and lack of dangerous undertow. Fishing folk might have a field day here as well. Fort Myers Beach has several fishing piers, some in excess of 600 feet. The Beach Pub at 1668 I Street hosts public campfire jam sessions on a regular basis, so visitors can enjoy an little surf and sound at the same time. For those who do have a little to spend, the beach also has many low-cost attractions available, from parasailing to paddle boarding to guided kayak nature tours.

Fort Myers also has beautiful, well-maintained parks. The Estero Community Park and Recreation Center is large at 55 acres. Visitors can expect to enjoy a broad range of athletic activities, such as basketball, bocce ball, and sand volleyball. Speaking of free stuff in Fort Meyers FL, lucky visitors will be able to attend a free concert at the Center’s outdoor amphitheater. Lakes Regional Park features a 158-acre freshwater quarry lake where visitors can fish for bass or bream, as long as they can share the space with the local alligators. Birdwatchers and photographers can have a field day here; ibis, egrets, and cormorants abound. Baseball fans should visit Terry Park. From the little league and up, visitors can find a baseball or softball game there on a daily basis. The technophile gets an added bonus as well. Each of these parks has one or more free Wi-Fi hotspots available.

Although not always, free, other free stuff in Fort Meyers FL includes some of the Museum facilities. The museum facilities in Fort Myers are top notch, and military personnel and their families receive free admission to most of the museums in the area. At the Southwest Florida Museum of History, visitors can learn about Florida’s past. Native history is a prevalent subject for exhibits, as is the Spanish Colonial Era. Basilosaurus and Megalodon fossils are also on display for Paleo Era aficionados. Admission is also free on certain days of the month or year at some facilities. For example, fathers get free admission at the Imaginarium Science Center on Father’s Day. The Imaginarium is a fun place for the whole family to learn about science and wildlife, with some high tech features as well. Visitors can enjoy a free 3D movie with the already low price of admission or play physics games like “Build a Coaster”.

These are not the only free choices for sightseers in Fort Myers FL, but they are some of the best “free stuff” anywhere. Visit soon and enjoy all the attractions this beautiful island can offer to the frugal fun-seeker.

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Healthy Cooking and Fun Food on a Budget
Most people generally want to eat healthier, but often find that when they eat with healthy cooking, it ends up costing much more than the food they’re used to. Especially for those who have extremely busy lives and can only squeeze in a few moments to serve their food, healthy cooking can be a hard choice. But it is possible to learn to cook healthy, fun food for yourself even if you are on a tight budget.

Healthy cooking for yourself rather than ordering or eating out is almost always a cheaper option. When you use ingredients you choose it’s much easier to cook healthy at a low price, and substitute the more unhealthy things you might find in your premade food for better alternatives. For instance, you can make your own salad dressing with a reduced amount of fat by simply leaving out some of the oil, or make whole wheat pasta at home instead of buying the normal kind from the store. And to save money, you can reuse some of your leftovers, and you can find healthy cooking recipes for things like making bread pudding and croutons out of your leftover bread scraps, to use an example.

If you want to incorporate healthy cooking from home, that may be a challenge for some who have never done it before, or have no experience cooking for themselves. However, it’s extremely easy to find recipes in many places, especially online. There are many web resources for those who want to learn healthy cooking for themselves, and all it takes is a little searching. Popular sites such as YouTube even provide videos with step by step healthy cooking recipes, leaving very little room for errors by novice chefs. It’s also possible to get free classes both online and at various schools and institutions.

Healthy cooking can be a fun activity not only for you but for your friends and family. You can make a family activity out of it, with some working to find recipes and others following them to cook healthy meals. Preparing meals is not only a great way to make some great food, but can also be a way to grow and learn as a family.

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Grow Your own Rabbit Feed
With the obesity epidemic in the west spreading and intensifying, two things are becoming extremely popular: home gardening and organics. People love their pets, and in most cases consider them a part of the family. If you grow your own rabbit feed, making sure to use only organic non GMO seeds, then the rabbit can have only the best. In this article we’re going to explore some great ideas for when it’s time to grow some rabbit food.

Grow Your Own Rabbit Feed Ideas

  • Mangle Beets - These are fairly easy to grow and have been a favorite among farmers and homesteaders who grow certain things simply to reduce feed bills. Feed can become expensive quick, even with only a few animals. Most of them will eat the Mangle Beets, from rabbits and deer, to pigs and woodchucks. Rumor has it that when you grow your own rabbit feed with Mangle Beets, they especially adore the Golden Eckendorf variety.
  • Oats - Oats are even easier to grow than beets, and are quite delicious to rabbits. Before the days of rabbit pellets, oats were a major part of most domestic rabbit food intakes. It is very common to mix in other things with the oats which add taste and flavor. Some ideas could be wheat, sunflower seeds, barley, and even corn, all of which can be farmed at home.
  • The oats should be put in the soil during spring. What’s needed is a loamy soil, but the seeds will take and germinate even if the dirt is still a bit cold. When it’s time to harvest, the rabbit will munch those things down even if they’re presented as chunks of dry straw, seed heads and all.
  • Wheat - What doesn’t love wheat? When you grow your own rabbit feed with wheat, you can approach it much the same way as with oats. However, many people find it easy to pick the seed heads and then add that to their feed.
  • Alfalfa - Along with things like Barley, Rye, and Buckwheat, Alfalfa is a high protein addition to any rabbit feed. They love it, but for some it can be a little more difficult to get hold of. Typically farmers dice this stuff up and throw it in their silos. The best thing about Alfalfa is that it basically grows as easily and in the same way as grass. Like oats, plant it in the spring, wait for the blossoms to show, and then once dry rabbits will eagerly devour the clover hay.

If there’s room to garden, then there’s simply no reason to pay for rabbit food. Not when it’s so easy to grow your own rabbit feed with things like corn, oats, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, and mangle beats. Not only are they a cinch to grow, but are quite aromatic and a true blessing for the soil. Remember to use non-GMO seeds, and spring planted stuff seems to be their favorite.

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