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Learn to do Your Hair and Makeup Like a Pro
Beauty is an important thing to women of all ages and walks of life. You would be hard pressed to find a woman who is not constantly concerned with her hair and makeup, because all women want to look as good as possible. All through history this concern with nails, face, hair and makeup has dominated women, and now you can get an advantage over these women and learn how to always have hair and makeup that glow and radiate.

No one is born with knowledge of how to do a great hairdo or makeup job, but it certainly can be learned. Thousands of women learn it every day, through the benefit of classes, instructional videos, and tutorial websites. There are oodles of free resources out there, so easy to find that anyone with access to a computer can do it in a matter of minutes.

One of the best places to find makeup and hair care advice is on sites dedicated to the art of making yourself beautiful. These sites specialize in giving expert advice completely for free to women who want better skin, beautiful hair and makeup that glows. You can get advice on what products to use, which lotions work and which don’t, what dye would be best for your hair, and thousands of answers to any other questions you may have.

If you want to see hair and makeup application techniques and hair advice in action, you can also go to video sites where people have posted videos of what does and doesn’t work, and their advice on application, products, techniques, styles, and more. You are sure to find something that will work for you. Youtube is a great resource for hair and makeup application techniques. Several famous Youtube channels for hair and makeup application include Michelle Phan (Ricebunny), AllThatGlitters21, MakeupGeekTV, MakeupByTiffanyD, JulieG713, KandeeJohnson and FoxyLockSextensions.

Another great resource for learning professional hair and makeup application techniques is to schedule a visit with your local department store cosmetics counter for a makeover. Many cosmetic brands, such as MAC, will offer a complimentary makeover session with a minimum dollar amount purchase of their products. This is a great way to learn directly from the pros on how to apply makeup, what kind of brushes to use and what colors work best for you. A great resource for learning how to do your hair like a pro is to ask your hairdresser while they are styling your hair on how to do it the right way. Your hairstylists will be more than happy to explain to you step-by-step how to recreate the beautiful hair style you walked out of the salon with!

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the resources out there right away. You can begin today to experience the joy and thrill of knowing you look great and that your hair and makeup are made to perfection.

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Scary Saw Puppett Face
Sexy Halloween Costumes or "Billy" Halloween Mask?
Yes, that time of year is coming up again, and I know what you’re thinking. People everywhere are asking themselves aloud, “Should I go with sexy Halloween costumes, or the “Billy” Halloween mask?” The answer could very well mean the difference to a basket full of candy and a cool party invite, or an uneventful night.

Does your face already resemble a mask?

One of the biggest deciding factors for most people when they ask themselves “Should I go with sexy Halloween costumes or “Billy” Halloween mask?” has to do with how they look already. If their face is pretty scary without any makeup, perhaps a mask is the better option. Or perhaps it would be wiser to accentuate these things through makeup to enhance their scariness, for example scars or deep pock marks.

Does your body compliment a sexy costume?

Regardless of what shape someone’s face is in, if they have a rocking physique, that sexy gladiator or nurse costume may be the better answer. Therefore, to accurately answer the age old question, “Should I go with sexy Halloween costumes or the “Billy” Halloween mask,” you might consider the shape of your body.

Low body fat makes up for plenty in the facial region, and in most cases after 9PM, will completely distract people from their bloody drooping left eye altogether. Here are some sexy outfits which have proven to be the most popular for those that have been diligently eating well and working out.

Popular Sexy Costumes for Women:

  • She-Devil - There’s something incredibly appealing about a naughty girl in red spandex with a pointy tale that everyone loves, especially when she’s got a body built for temptation.

  • Nurse - Who doesn’t like waking up in the emergency room to a knock out nurse in a short skirt and thigh high see-through stockings?

  • Maid - Although they never clean the room while people are actually in it, maids with the little hat and high heels seem totally realistic to most guys who don’t think about the shoes, and are supreme eye candy.

  • Disney Character - It’s sad but true; people like to fantasize about Snow White.

Popular Sexy Costumes for Men:

  • Spartan - Ever since the 300 movie, Spartan fever hits every Halloween.

  • Cupid - Maybe it’s because the costume is the perfect opening to a conversation? Regardless, an ab-sporting cupid is always popular with the ladies.

  • Renaissance Man - Whether an ancient Greek God, or Italian David-like costume with all the grey body paint, being a classic toga guy is always a hit.

  • Ninja turtle - All that’s needed is a shell, a colored bandana and some numchucks, and the costume is basically a laugh factory.

Wait what mask was that?

Wait, we already know the question on everyone’s mind is, “Should I go with sexy Halloween costumes or the “Billy” Halloween mask?” However, for the uninitiated, you may not know what the Billy mask is or to which Billy it refers. Is that the gun toting Billy the Kid, the sniper extraordinaire Billy Zane, the Bad Santa Billy Bob Thorton, or a crazed Hill Billy mask? You may even think no one knows exactly, and wonder why “Billy” masks are all the rage. So let me clue you in. What most people mean when they refer to the “Billy” mask is the face of the Billy puppet from the Saw movies.

So if you find yourself wondering, “Should I go with sexy Halloween costumes or the “Billy” Halloween mask,” then either choose one of the time tested successes above, or go with any random Saw puppet Billy mask, and everything should work out for the best. (By the way, the “Billy” mask is definitely not Billy Idol, in case anyone was wondering. However, combining the saw puppet with a blonde Mohawk might get you some points for originality!)

Brown Paper Package tied up with red string
Funny College Student Survival Kits
Have you ever received a survival kit? Getting a package full of funny and useful things when you need it most can be a great feeling. Sometimes students can get homesick while away at college, and funny survival kits can cheer them up quite a bit. There's nothing like getting a little piece of home in the mail to lift your spirits and remind you that people back home are thinking of you. If you are planning on sending a survival kit to a student, there are many things you can include.

Funny student survival kits are meant to be interesting, helpful, and amusing. They don't have to be fancy or expensive – oftentimes ordinary or household items can be the most meaningful. Try to pick items that will remind the student of an important thing to remember while at college. You may want to consider making and including a list of the items and their meanings as well.

Toothpicks can be a funny way to remind a student to keep their eyes open in class. You can throw some cotton balls in to represent the times when it will be so noisy that they won't be able to hear themselves think. Some other good items for funny college survival kits are a tootsie roll to help you roll with the punches and a pencil to write your wrongs. A button can be a good way to remind someone to button their lips, and a candle can represent the way they will probably have to stay up late to finish assignments.

Some confetti can remind you of your high school graduation celebration and your accomplishment of getting into college. Candy is a great choice for a cute survival kit because they can eat the treat and leave the wrapper in the kit. Good-n-plenty candies will wish you plenty of good times, and Starburst's are for the late-night bursts of energy you will need. Sweet N Sour candies will remind them to accept people, especially roommates, as they are. A Payday bar might remind them not to spend all of their money or to focus on getting a career started, and Skittles can represent the variety you find at a university.

A small flashlight can represent the way you find the best path through the unknown, and batteries will keep you energized. Rubber bands in funny student survival kits will remind the student to remain flexible and open to new experiences. A couple Tylenol or Advil would make a good contribution, and are pretty self-explanatory.

Funny college student survival kits can be a great way to show your child or friend that you care about them and are thinking about them. You can put all the items in a bag, but a jar is a great option if you can. Including a list of all the items and their meanings will help the recipient know what you meant by each item. Get creative – creating a survival kit can be almost as fun as getting one!

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Speed of light Driving
Finding Online Resources for Drivers
Driving is an essential skill in today’s world, and someone without a car today is almost like someone without legs 50 years ago. Cars are so important to modern daily life, and a driver needs to be as prepared as possible to go out into the world. Driving lessons are important to a beginning driver, but other driving resources are equally as important and should be available at all times.

Some of these resources, apart from initial driving lessons, include refresher courses on things like road signs and symbols, statistics about driving that keep safety in perspective, and information about new laws, road changes, and more. Resources online are some of the most important as well as being readily available and easy to find.

Go to driving lessons sites for these incredibly useful driving resources, where not only the driving lessons information but much more is often available. These sites offer insight into problems with drivers, statistics on accidents, current drivers, speeding, and more, not to mention answers to questions new driver may have.

To find new driving lessons about driving laws, highways, circulation, or anything else, go to car legislature sites. Sites like these keep drivers up to date of what rules they need to remember and which acts they need to avoid. They are essential to anyone who plans to get out on the road.

Finally, for more technical car information which usually isn’t covered in basic driving lessons, you can go to forums, tutorial and mechanics sites, and information databases where all the information you could ever need is right at your fingertips. These can help you identify problems without the costly help of a mechanic, and even in some cases show you how to fix them all by yourself. Needless to say, online driving lessons and resources can be a great way to save time and money and learn what you need to know about driving.

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Astrology Art
Take an Astrology Course and Begin an Exciting New Career
Learning through astrology classes could be a greatly interesting tool to aid you in daily life, on top of being quite intriguing. Astrology courses are available all around and could have a strong influence on you and your future. You will see as you opt for learning through a course the immediate practical benefits - both short and long term - of learning and study of astrology and the cosmos. You can go for campus or online courses. On the other hand, you have the chance to ask a tutor or teacher to assist you in your quest.

Taking astrology classes will take you down an immensely interesting path of the history of ancient and modern astrology, from the earliest stages of Babylonian and Egyptian astrology through studies about the modern and western aspects of astrology and its practical application. As you can see astrology classes would be highly beneficial to someone interested in a career along these lines. From the basics, your astrology classes would delve off into the diverse branches of astrology:

  • Horoscopic Astrology, the use of a horoscope or map with the positioning of the heaves to determine what the positioning of the planets states;
  • Western Astrology, based on Ptolemy’s and others studies;
  • Hindu Astrology, using its own zodiac.

Needless to say, the benefits of taking these astrology classes would no doubt be missive. The interesting study of astrology is something practical and achievable for you or your friends and company with a little work and effort. But the fascinating facts and data you would collect from your astrology classes would open new opportunities for work as well as recreation in the field of astrology. The benefits far outweigh any down payment of money, time, or effort you could put into the astrology classes. Let the study of astrology boost you to new heights of knowledge and work opportunities.

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