List of Zodiac Symbols
Zodiac Tattoo Design with Sagittarius and Leo
2012 is here, and already some of the things that people laughed at for the last few decades are now coming to pass. From climate change to planetary alignments, things are beginning to move, and fast! Suddenly, modern people are looking up to the stars again and realizing that they have taken on a refreshed importance in their daily consciousness.

Tattoos have always been a type of language, and this particular tongue stretches into every single culture on Earth. In America, the zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo has become extremely popular. This article explores a few things people should keep in mind when deciding to go with a zodiac tattoo.

How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

  1. The first thing someone should do is talk to people in their area that have really well done artwork. Everyone is happy to refer their artist if they’re in love with the results they carry around on their flesh. It’s a proven way to get to the best, but typically this could mean a longer waiting period.

  2. The second thing is to do homework on the artist being considered. Make sure to look at past projects, photos, testimonials, etc. Perhaps they are better at other styles and a zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo might not be up their alley.

  3. Thirdly, never choose a tattoo draft from impatience. Be serious, demand only the best, and only accept what matches up to your desires 100%. Good tattoo artists make serious money, and are used to being asked for revision after revision until their customers are happy.

  4. Choose an artist who offers follow up and touch up visits. Most artists will include a complimentary touch up with their work, but people usually don’t come back in. It’s incredibly easy to mishandle a fresh zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo and cause fading. Go back in and have the touch up done if necessary.

3 Tips to Make it Unique

There are a few things one can do to make sure that their zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo is unique, and individualized for extra meaning and worth.

  1. Whether or not one can draw, a rough personalized sketch can go a long ways in helping a tattoo artist fill in the blanks. Even a poorly done sketch can be more effective than tons of words.

  2. Take pictures, if possible, of similar tattoos or designs that are especially in line with a vision. These can be changed and manipulated in countless ways, but may provide an outline or basic idea if there is a lack of one.

  3. Do some research outside of Google. Go to a library and look at ancient books or texts on ancient astrology for lesser known versions of the zodiac signs, along with the mythologies surrounding them.

When it’s time to get a zodiac tattoo design with Sagittarius and Leo, spare no expense or effort in making sure that it’s the perfect one that speaks for a sincere vision.

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Kid Magic
Learn Magic and find a Magic Teacher
If you love watching magic, then perhaps you want to try performing magic yourself. Magic tricks are intriguing and fascinating to many people, and it’s no wonder that magic teachers and lessons are in such a high demand. Magic is easy to understand once you are “let into the circle” so to speak and a good magic teacher can show you how to become a magician yourself in only a few months.

Finding a magic teacher may seem like a hard task, but if you have some knowledge of how to go about it, the search becomes much easier. One of the best places to find a magic teacher that will fulfil your needs is at a party planning or magic supply store. Oftentimes stores like these will have a whole slew of phone numbers and contacts on file, and many times magicians and magic teachers will offer their services there. All you have to do is ask for a referral, and within a matter of hours you could be connected with a high quality teacher.

If you have none of these store in your area, or if they don’t have a magic teacher you want, then the next logical place to look would be online. Sites dedicated to magic and magicians often have a forum or contact-us section, where magic teachers and apprentices can connect and contact each other. If you can find a site that is based in your local area, that would be even better.

Another great place to get in touch with a magic teacher is in the classifieds section of the newspaper, or better yet online classifieds. Classifieds often have ads by local magicians and magic teachers willing to give classes, and if these are lacking, you can post your own detailing your interest in available teachers.

Classes from a great magic teacher are the best first step to take toward becoming a professional magician, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of them. Use the resources at your disposal to find the classes you want, and begin learning as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

Smiling Elderly Lady
Know What to Look for in a Senior Care Instructor
Taking care of senior people can be a tricky challenge for everyone, taking into consideration the physical, mental and psychological changes that they are going through. Caring for them entails a different approach compared to caring for people of other age groups. Before caregivers are exposed to such milieu, it is a must for them to experience comprehensive and quality preparation from a senior care instructor.

A senior care instructor plays a crucial role in educating caregivers because they are particularly trained to hone a caregiver’s skill in tending to the elderly or geriatric patients. Here are some of the qualities that you must consider in finding a senior care instructor:

A senior care instructor must consider, among others, SAFETY as an imperative aspect in caring for the elderly. Elder people are most prone to minor and major injuries because of the physical and visual regressions that they experience. Thus, environmental safety should be enforced by these instructors.

The ability to be EMPATHIC and develop ACTIVE LISTENING skills should also be a major quality of a senior care instructor. Elder people have a multitude of emotions that they need to vent out as they are in the stage of their lives where they feel regrets, resentments and other emotions which may render them vulnerable.

The senior care instructor must be able to develop MEDICATION SAFETY among the caregivers. Elderly people are expected to suffer from a number of conditions like diabetes, heart problems and other chronic diseases. Medications are essential in their daily lives, thus, a senior care instructor must be able to imbibe among caregivers the ability to safely administer medications among the patients.

Lastly, COMMUNICATION SKILLS are important matters for a senior care instructor to strengthen. Communicating with elder people requires proficient skills in listening and explaining considering the changes that elder people endure.

Senior care instructors must possess these qualities in order for caregivers to develop the basic skills in caring for the elderly. Caring for geriatric patients is challenging but it will come effortlessly with proper guidance and tutelage.

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School Book Library
Homeschool Name Ideas
Do you own or manage a homeschool? More and more people these days are choosing to have their children homeschooled. In fact, many parents are deciding to homeschool their children themselves. If you are running a homeschool, you probably already know that coming up with a name for your school can be quite difficult. There are plenty of homeschool name ideas out there, but how exactly do you go about picking a name? Your name will represent your school and set the theme, so it is important to pick something appropriate.

You will need to begin by deciding how professional or legitimate you want your name to be. Some homeschools are more casual, and have silly names that may be chosen by the children themselves. Hobbies and interests make good candidates for this – examples are the Tiny Tigers Academy or the Pretty Princess Homeschool. If you plan on homeschooling for a long time you may want to consider some more professional-sounding homeschool name ideas.

There are many possible ways to name your homeschool in a formal way. Some people choose to name their school after the road or location they live in, such as Bear Road School, Mountain Pine Academy, Sunshine School, River Rock School, or Suburban School. In many cases homeschools are based around a particular religion, often a form of Christianity, and many homeschool name ideas are designed in regards to this. Some great words to incorporate into a name like this are Christian, Love, Rejoice, Growth, Prudence, Honesty, Temperence, Justice, Light, Wise Path, and Truth.

It is important to consider the future of your students and your school when thinking of homeschool name ideas. Many people decide to include their last name in the title, such as The Franklin Academy or The Smith School. You should think carefully before you use your name in the title, however – would you want your child telling people that they go to a school with their own name in it? Some people do prefer this, but not everyone.

Some homeschools use the names of famous and influential people and scholars. The founding fathers are good choices, as are famous philosophers, writers, and scientists. Cultural and religious heroes can make a title sound very impressive. Personal friends and relatives who may have had a profound impact on the family are good candidates as well because their influence will continue to be felt through their name.

If you are still having trouble coming up with homeschool name ideas, you may want to consider combining some of the above ideas. You can add in words such as 'of Excellence', take pieces of several names and put them together, or just use the initials of your names. Take your time when naming your homeschool and come up with something that your students will be proud of.

Remember that your name will come to represent your school, and the students who attend will be telling people and employers the name of their school. If you are serious about your school, choose something that reflects your overall philosophy and the goals you have in mind. Take a few weeks to make sure that you like any name you choose before creating anything like I.D. cards or shirts.

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Classic Dog Breeds
What Breed of Dog do I Want?
When an individual, couple, or family decide it’s time to invest in a dog, there’s so many questions that pop up which people rarely take the time to reflect upon. Dogs are living, thinking, and feeling animals. Taking the time to really conduct some research before jumping into an investment makes things safer and easier for both the humans and the dogs involved. Here’s a list of the most important things to think about when asking, “What breed of dog do I want?”

Cost Effective

Certain people like certain dogs, and pure blood breeding costs a pretty penny. The rarer a breed, the more it’s going to cost. Furthermore, certain breeds require a fair amount more in terms of care, food, and accommodations. Money should play a big role whenever addressing the question, “What breed of dog do I want?”

How Big Should the Dog Be?

Everyone knows that it’s not fair to expect a big dog meant for open spaces to be constantly crammed into a tiny one bedroom apartment. On the other hand, small dogs don’t really hand huge spaces well. Before choosing a breed, make sure to take the place the dog will grow up into account. Size matters when wondering, “What breed of dog do I want?”

Considerations of Fur

All too often aspiring dog owners think of the aesthetics of their breed’s coat before the realities. Having a Golden Retriever is fine, as long as the owner is going to take the time to keep its hair combed. Otherwise the poor thing will turn into a matted mess. Some breeds shed more than others do as well. For those who are looking for low maintenance, breeds with naturally short hair are preferable.

Drooling Acceptable?

If an owner identifies with a breed that drools then by all means, otherwise pay attention. Whether it’s a Basset Hound, Bulldog, or English Setter, make sure to set down whether drool is acceptable or not. Although most people don’t initially expand upon the question “What breed of dog do I want?” with “more drool” or “less drool,” they will often discover it was a consideration after wards - especially if the choice turns out to be a St. Bernard or a Portuguese Water Dog. These are two of the breeds known to have the most drool.

Allergies could be an Issue

If safety and the quality of the dog’s life have any bearing when wondering, “What breed of dog do I want?” then get to know what kinds of dogs may have allergies that could act up in your area. Things to keep in mind are mold, other animals, and any food or rare plant life growing in the immediate area that the dog could get into.

What is the Dog’s Role?

One of the best ways to get to the bottom is to figure out at the end of the day what the role of the dog will be. Is the dog going to be specifically meant purely for companionship? Will there be any hunting involved? Are you looking for a guard dog? Do you expect the dog to be primarily indoor or outdoor? Are you in need of a dog with special training to assist you? Is the dog for the whole family or meant for just the kids?

Finally, when considering the question, “What breed of dog do I want?” ask yourself whether you would like to save a dog’s life or not. There are countless dogs in shelters waiting for good homes. They might need a little work, but they’re cheaper and typically in desperate need.

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