Avocado and Raw Eggplant Salad
Raw Eggplant & Avocado Salad Recipe
You may have never thought of the idea of eating eggplant raw. The process of cooking eggplant makes it soft and mushy. If you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t care for this kind of texture, you may want to give this recipe a try!

This raw eggplant salad recipe is simple and delicious and will make you change your mind on how you eat your eggplant! To choose the best eggplant for a raw eggplant salad, look for eggplants that are firm, shiny with very little blemishes and bruises. This will ensure a fresh eggplant. A fresh eggplant has an almost whitish-greenish color when you cut into it. An eggplant that is not as fresh will be slightly brown when you cut inside.

For this recipe, you will need:
  • 1 Large Eggplant
  • 2 to 3 Ripe and Firm Small Avocados
  • 1 Large Lemon
  • Honey
  • 1 Small Chopping Knife
  • 1 Medium Bowl for Preparation
  • 1 Large Bowl for Serving
  • 1 Large Serving Spoon

  1. Prepare a medium bowl of cold water and squeeze 1/3 of the lemon juice from the lemon into the water. This bowl of lemon solution will be used to store the chopped eggplant during preparation to prevent browning from oxidation.
  2. Remove the skin from the eggplant by slicing the skin off with a knife.
  3. Chop the eggplant up into small cubed chunks, about 1/2 inch pieces. Some people may want to avoid eating the seeds of the eggplant, but this is personal preference.
  4. Immediately after chopping up the eggplant, place the pieces into the bowl of lemon solution to prevent the eggplant from turning brown.
  5. Slice avocados in half and remove skin and pit.
  6. Chop the avocado up into roughly same size pieces as the eggplant and place it in the large serving bowl.
  7. Drain the eggplant out of the lemon solution (remove the water) and place it in the large serving bowl with the avocado.
  8. Squeeze lemon juice from the remaining lemon on top of the eggplant and avocado.
  9. Add honey. Adjust to taste.
  10. Stir everything with a big spoon to mix it up. Do not over-stir as this will cause the salad to brown faster. The eggplant will get slightly coated by the avocado, especially if you choose soft avocados as well as the more lemon juice you use.

Serve immediately. Enjoy!

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Wine Varieties
The Secret to Becoming an Expert Wine Taster
It is a dream of every wine aficionado to learn wine tasting. The expertise in terms of tasting wine creates the bridge between a simple wine lover and a sought-after wine expert. The ability to learn wine tasting, however, will not take the same period needed for wine to age… in fact, in less than a day, you will be able to grasp the basics of this skill.

There are four basic steps which one needs to develop and master in order to learn wine tasting. These steps will entail the use of senses either singly or a combination thereof. Here are some secrets to becoming an expert wine taster:

LOOK at the wine—to learn wine tasting, it is an important skill to judge the wine according to its appearance. Pour the wine into a glass to about one-third full. Identify the hue, clarity and intensity of the wine.

SWIRL the wine—swirling the wine enables you to identify the amount of alcohol in the wine. The more “tears” there are, the greater the alcohol content is. To learn wine tasting and identify the alcohol content, you have to place the wine glass in a flat surface and swirl it around.

SMELL the wine—this is a quite exciting part because the sense of smell is incredibly sensitive. Once the wine has stopped swirling, start sniffing the wine from the rim. There is no clear-cut technique to learn wine tasting through smelling and it depends on a person’s skill and mastery to identify the smell of the wine.

And lastly, TASTE the wine—this is quite tricky and will require some techniques in order to learn wine tasting correctly. While the aroma is still reverberating in your senses, take a sip of wine just enough to work in all your mouth for about fifteen to twenty seconds. Once you have fully tasted the wine, swallow it slowly and exhale through your mouth and nose. This will test how long the aroma and taste would linger in your senses.

Photo Credit: Leon Brocard

Painting of Woman Breastfeeding
My Infant Feeds on One Side: Breastfeeding 101
Motherhood truly is a glorious moment, especially for first-time mothers. It is, both rewarding and challenging at the same time—yet at the end of the day, all those moments shared between you and your infant will always be priceless. Of course, this is true regardless of whether your infant feeds on one side. However, that situation can pose a unique challenge.

Breastfeeding is definitely an important part of motherhood—one of the earliest memories you will have when it comes to bonding with your baby. A lot of times, breastfeeding is considered as one of the crucial stages of your infant’s development, and this is one reason why you should breastfeed your infant as much as you can.

Whether you are an experienced mom or a first-timer when it comes to nursing, there are a lot of questions that may arise each time you breastfeed your infant. Today, we will focus on a question that a lot of mothers ask: the question of why sometimes an infant feeds on one side only of a mother’s breasts.

Preferring one breast over the other—is this common?

Most mothers have experienced babies pulling away or becoming fussy each time they nurse, and then find out that their infants prefer one breast over the other when they nurse. This is pretty much common. When your infant feeds on one side of your breast only, it may cause concern, especially for first-time mothers.

Breast Preference: Its Causes

There are a lot of factors that may explain why your infant feeds on one side of your breast. One simple reason: your infant may find it quite hard to latch on to your breast. If your infant notices that there is a slow flow of milk coming from one side of your breast, chances are, he or she will prefer the other breast in order to nurse properly. If you had some surgery done on your breast, there may also be a chance that this can lead to a slower milk flow, making your baby reject it. These are some of the reasons why your infant feeds on one side only of your breast.

Should I be Concerned?

While there is no reason to panic, it’s always important that you try to alternate your infant’s nursing pattern on your breasts. This allows for both of your breasts to produce a steadier milk flow, as well as for you to prevent pain or engorgement from happening on just one side of your breast.

If it Still Persists, What can be Done?

If your infant feeds on one side still and worry about the other side of your breast not producing enough milk, you can try using a breast pump on the other side of your breast so it can continue maintaining a steady flow of milk. You can also try to offer your baby his or her’s least-preferred breast each time you nurse so that he or she can become accustomed to it. Experimenting with the way you carry your baby when you nurse or trying out different breastfeeding positions may also help your infant not to prefer just one specific breast, therefore making it easier for you to nurse alternately and more conveniently.

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Shuffling Cards before Card Game
The Easiest Card Games to Win and How to Do It
There are many games that you can play, and learning how to play cards is one of the best ways to learn card games that you can play with your friends. Learning how to play cards is important, and you will find that learning card games to win can be a lot of fun. There are many games to win at easily, and you will find that there are many books that can teach you how to play cards and card games that you can easily win at.

How to Play Cards: Go Fish
Go Fish is one of the simplest games that you can learn to play, and one of the easiest games to win. You will find that winning at Go Fish basically is all about understanding how to guess what the other person has. Listen closely when you hear them asking for a number, and watch to see how many cards of that number they get. In order to win, simply be the person who steals sets from other people.

How to Play Cards: Liar
Liar is one of the best games to play, especially if you are a good liar. The game consists of your placing cards face down, calling out the number on the face of the card and the amount of cards you are placing down. For example, you place down three 3 cards and say “Three 3’s”. However, you can lie and put down a different card. As long as you can keep a straight face, you will find that you can easily win liar. Remember that automatically putting down the correct card won’t help you to win, and you can always cheat easily in the beginning of the game. If you want to win the game, simply be a better liar than everyone else.

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Personalized Toilet Paper for Holiday Gift
The Worst Christmas Gifts
Do you have a passion for the weird? Do you hate giving bad gifts? If you fall into either of these categories, you may want to be aware of the worst Christmas gifts available out there. Whether you want to express your strangeness or you just want to avoid some embarrassment, you can find these awful gifts spread out across the internet. Some of these gifts are funny; in some cases, the only funny thing is the state of mind of the gift giver.

People love to compile lists on the internet of the best and worst things for every category you can imagine, and Christmas gifts are no different – there are plenty of them out there. Perhaps the worst gift you could possibly give to a little girl is the My Cleaning Trolley by the Girls Only brand. This is a small pink custodian's trolley, mop, and mop bucket. If anything screams gender inequality and a pure lack of thought, it is this strange toy. This is definitely one of the worst Christmas gifts ever.

Another terrible gift is earrings made from squirrel feet. That's right, squirrel feet. In fact, any jewelry of any sort made from any part of a rodent will make a pretty bad gift. It's probably best to just play it safe and not involve rodents at all, they make the worst Christmas gifts. If you are a man, remember to avoid makeup and other beauty products like slimming pills when shopping for women. This will not send the message you hoped it would and might cause some problems.

For some people, toilet paper is one of the worst Christmas gifts they can imagine getting. However, for other people it can be not too bad. There are all sorts of novelty toilet tissues like Obama toilet paper, sports teams' toilet paper, and holiday toilet paper. Make sure you know a bit about the person before you decide to get them bathroom products.

Some toys are without a doubt on the list of worst Christmas gifts. The Playmobil Security Checkpoint is one of these. Does your child enjoy making people wait in line, walk through scanners, and throw away their toe-clippers? No? That's why this gift is awful. Another terrible toy is the Fish Preparation Toy kit. Your grateful child will be able to learn to slice up a salmon properly, but who cares? The Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring is not as exciting as it sounds. In fact, it's one of the worst Christmas gifts because it is totally useless and thumb wrestling is only fun for about one minute at a time.

The internet has a huge selection of gifts available, so thankfully you will never have to settle for any of these gifts. The worst Christmas gifts might make a good joke gift – you can wrap up a little awful toy in a big box and get their hopes up only to disappoint them with the Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring. Then, you can pull your real gift from behind your back which will look much better by comparison, for a little one-two holiday punch!

Photo Credit: Giovanni Orlando

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