Hot Wings in Bowl
Best Hot Wings Recipe
The best hot wings recipe I ever had was when I was visiting New Orleans, Louisiana in the fall of 2010. I am a freelance journalist and travel for my work. While interviewing a student about their educational careers attending Tulane University I was told about this wonderful little bistro just outside of the tourist district and French Quarter. I found it in the heat of the afternoon located exactly where the student had lead me.

It turned out to be this little tavern located in, what looked like, the middle of nowhere. It was like stepping out of New Orleans and into the heart of what Louisiana really is. They had live music, darts and everything that a good hometown tavern should have. Even the breeze that came through the doors and windows was part of the perfect atmosphere, as if they had piped it in.

I ordered the hot wings and a few minutes later I was presented with a plate of the most perfect hot wings I had ever tasted. Of course, I asked for the recipe and was told I had to work at least one afternoon washing dishes to get it. The best hot wings recipe I have ever laid my hands on, and now passing on to you, cost me 4 hours in the dish room. It was completely worth it.

This recipe only makes a serving for four so you will have to adjust it to your needs. I serve it for every football game, ice hockey game and even weekend cookouts with friends. It is the perfect recipe for someone who wants an extra hot flavor to their wings. In fact, one of the things that makes this the best hot wings recipe is the ability to alter the pepper sauce according to the heat that you can handle. This is an extra hot recipe but if you want something a little milder or toned down just a bit you can simply change the hot sauce to one you prefer. This New Orleans style recipe aims to please and offers as much customization as you need to make it the best hot wings recipe for you and your family.

The Best Hot Wings Recipe New Orleans Style

  • 1 pound chicken wings
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup and 1 teaspoon tomato-based hot pepper sauce
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons vinegar-based hot pepper sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2-1/2 teaspoons butter, melted

  1. Preheat the grill (indoor or outdoor) to a high heat and lightly grease the grill with Crisco.
  2. Season wings with garlic powder and ground black pepper. Cook wings on the grill until they are very crispy. Turn the wings frequently to get the right crisp on the skin.
  3. While the wings are grilling, in a large bowl, combine both hot sauces with garlic powder, and melted butter.
  4. When the wings are finished cooking, place them in the large bowl of hot sauce mixture and toss until they are coated.

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Penny's Cookbook, The American Family Cook Book, David White old Cookbooks
Tips on Cooking with Recipes from Out of Print Cookbooks
There are various styles of cooks; some follow cookbooks religiously, others use them more as a general guide, and recreate recipes to suit their style. Either way is fine. Out of print cookbooks are particularly great resources, full of ideas, techniques and tips on cooking that any good cook needs to be familiar with. Think of your out of print cookbooks as your own personal family heirlooms.

When following a recipe, it is important to read it through before you start on cooking, especially with out of print cookbooks. Even if you plan on improvising, the recipe will usually have some tips on technique and progression that you will want to be aware of.

Out of print cookbooks often call for ingredients that you may not have on hand. For example if you plan on cooking a roast and don’t have the vegetables or herbs the recipe calls for, you can get creative with substitutes. Some of your family’s favorite dishes will probably come from these types of experiments.

If you are trying a new recipe in an out of print cookbook, plan on cooking well in advance. Giving yourself sufficient time will help you not to feel under pressure, and even allow time for an occasional failure. It happens sometimes. Don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

Illustrated out of print cookbooks are easier to follow, and are great for ideas on cooking. Many improvisational cooks love looking at the illustrations for ideas. Also, the depiction of the finished product helps you to visualize what you are trying to create, especially if you are not yet an accomplished cook.

If there are ingredients that you are not familiar with, it is wise to read up on them. Certain ingredients must be handled and prepared in a particular way, or the whole dish can be ruined. Out of print cookbooks especially often have a section on cooking and handling various ingredients which can be very helpful. The more familiar you are with your ingredients, the easier it is for you to cook up something tasty.

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Poker cards and chips
Poker Ponzi Scheme - Be a Real Gambler
With online poker websites becoming increasingly popular, you do not need a friend’s basement or a casino nearby to play serious poker for a lot of money. The popularity of televised poker tournaments has also given the sport a lot of growth over the past few years. To win at poker today can mean winning some serious money, and serious money is always ripe for a Ponzi scheme.

Before starting your poker game development, it is important to decide how far you are willing to go to win at poker. Is your goal to have some fun and make a little money? Are you willing to stay legal? Witness the recent events concerning online poker sites like Full Tilt and Poker Stars in the poker Ponzi scheme. Did players really think they were competing with real money and there was enough to go around? If you think it’s tough to regulate a guy like Bernie Madoff, try regulating a worldwide online gambling outfit. After you make up your own mind about the risks and benefits of online poker, you can tailor your own decisions about your willingness to be a real gambler with online poker and beat the poker Ponzi scheme.

The best thing about online poker and the poker Ponzi scheme is that you do not always have to play for money. This means that you can focus on game development without having to always win. By playing different types of games, you can familiarize with the card rankings and improve your chances to win. However online poker players quickly find that it is easy to blur the line between reality and fantasy when it comes to gambling online, and they soon find themselves playing with actual funds. Are you willing to take the risk?

To win at poker consistently once you begin playing for money, you need to learn to read bets and figure out how to identify your opponent’s hand. Once this happens, it is all mind games to try and win as much money per hand as possible. You can decide to play aggressively to maximize how much you win at poker or play more conservatively to minimize your losses. With the poker Ponzi scheme, it’s the losses that are the key. Once you lose, you really lose – just like at the table. It will take time and patience to put complete faith in online poker again after falling victim to a poker Ponzi scheme, but then again, we are talking about gamblers. Maybe you just need to develop your poker Ponzi scheme game to the level you desire. Read about the online poker Ponzi scheme here.

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Multicolored Rainbow Colored Toilet Paper Rolls
Liven Up Your Bathroom with Novelty Toilet Paper
The novelty toilet paper industry is a surprisingly large and exuberant industry, but really – can you think of a reason not to have interesting toilet paper? White toilet paper only helps give a cold, doctor's-office-like feel to the bathroom. You should consider getting something to make your bathroom a bit more pleasant to be in. Novelty toilet paper and other bathroom products come in a huge array of shapes and styles. Many companies offer top-notch variety and quality in their selections.

Novelty toilet paper comes in almost any category you could wish. Some are pretty, some are funny, and some are just plain weird. Flowers are a popular choice – who wouldn't want to wipe with some rose petals? Bright floral colors can also go well with bathroom wallpaper or other products. An opposite but interesting option which will send quite a different message is cactus toilet paper. Holidays are another large category of toilet papers. There are toilet papers for dozens of holidays, with things like hearts or kisses for Valentine's Day, pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween, gifts for Christmas. There are also toilet papers that say Happy Birthday, and some with other holiday songs.

There are also many more interesting and clever novelty toilet paper designs. Some people prefer to wipe with one hundred dollar bills; others use their toilet paper to let it be known that the bathroom is a BioHazard or Toxic Waste area. Camouflage toilet paper might make a nice gift for a member of the armed services, and pure black toilet paper would mix things up a bit. Other papers look like sandpaper, rocks, or flies. Friends who are into politics might appreciate some novelty toilet paper emblazoned with the symbol of their rival party – yes, you could call this Democrap Paper. A very useful addition to the household might be toilet paper that reminds you to put the seat down. Just as useful might be toilet paper with the reminder 'S*&t Happens.'

There are a number of novelty toilet paper solutions for people who easily get bored in the bathroom. Sudoku is a favorite, though you may forget that you need to leave the bathroom eventually. Some have crossword puzzles, word searches, or mazes. Other toilet papers feature other types of puzzles and mind games. This can be an easier and more hygienic option than bringing a book or magazine into the bathroom. There are also toilet paper rolls that play a message when paper is ripped off. These are usually funny quips about the business at hand, and sometimes you can record your own messages.

If you can't find a novelty toilet paper store near you, the internet is a good place to look. There are dozens of stores with wide selections. If you don't see what you want, some stores even offer customizable toilet paper. Just send in the appropriate order form and they will create your very own personalized novelty toilet paper. Why not try it? This is a small investment, and it might liven up something you do almost every day.

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Scrabble Help Me Words
Addicting Games
There are so many addicting games out in the world today. From Angry Birds to World of Warcraft, there are many players that would say they play addicting games or that they are “addicted” to a game. But did you know that game addiction can be as serious of an addiction as any other for some?

Dr. Drew Pinsky says that “addiction is defined by negative consequences.” We use the phrase addicting games rather loosely if you are going to use this definition of addiction. Many people claim that games such as Words with Friends are addicting games, but before claiming to be addicted to them, stop and think about it. Are there mounting negative consequences to your behavior? If playing your addicting game is causing you to lose sleep, miss work or school, or destroy important relationships, then you are addicted to you addicting game. If you are not suffering these devastating negative consequences, it might be more appropriate to call your addicting games your absorbing games, or your intriguing games.

People becoming addicted to addicting games has become very widespread over the last ten years. Video game addiction has been proposed as an official diagnosis to be included in the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. While this proposal has thus far been denied, there are still many psychologists that advocate for its inclusion and its acceptance as a real psychological illness.

There are many ways to find support if you find that you do have an addiction to your addicting games. After a woman’s son committed suicide due to his gaming addiction (his addicting games including Everquest), Elizabeth Wooley started the non-profit organization On-Line Gamers Anonymous in 2002. This organization includes a twelve-step program for recovery from your addicting games as well as meetings, online chat rooms and forums, and information for relatives affected by these addicting games.

The site has conducted surveys on the subject, and have come up with some really startling data. Around 10% of gamers show at least some signs of addiction to their addicting games. While most people would assume that the average gamer is a teenager, in actuality 82% of people playing these addicting games are adults. The average age of a person playing an addicting game regularly is 37. Another assumption is that most of these gamers are men, but 42% of the population playing addicting games are female.

So what should you do if you think that you may be addicted to your games? The first step would be to join On-Line Gamers Anonymous and work through their twelve-step program. This program has been adapted from the very successful twelve-step program used by Alcoholics Anonymous. The first step is to admit that you are powerless over gaming and that your life has become unmanageable. Don’t forget that you are not the only person going through this program, and you can find support at meetings or online in their chat room and forums. If you find you need more one-on-one support in order to stay away from your addicting game, the On-Line Gamers Anonymous website provides a search to help you find professionals in your area to help with your addiction.

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