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A Career in Business and Finance Resource Guide
Trying to locate a finance academic resource for college planning? You might want to take a bit of time to look over these points to analyze what you’re most interested in first.

If you’ve found that what you like and the area you’re good at is Business and Finance, you should break that down even further. If you’re interested in pursuing your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D., and since business and finance represent a broad spectrum, you should choose which area within that category you’re most interested in.

A good finance academic resource will help you find the best schools and universities that offer the courses or program you’re looking for. Let’s break the larger more generalized ‘Business and Finance’ category down into the specific fields of interest. Below are various categories under the Business and Finance heading, along with its corresponding resource website.

Accounting: If you find that you’re most interested in the analyzing aspect and going through a firm’s financial history, then accounting may be the best profession for you.

Finance Academic Resource (for top universities offering accounting degrees):

Finance: If you prefer and are actually better at speculating, predicting or analyzing the future of business or the financial future of a company or business, then finance could be what you’re most interested in.

Finance Academic Resource (for universities offering degrees in Finance):


If you’re a good people person and you’re good at business, then consider getting your degree in business management, and pursuing that career.

Finance Academic Resource: (for universities offering courses in business management):

International Business: And if you have a combination of all the above subjects as your interest, AND have an itching for travel and adventure, then you might want to consider International Business or Finance studies.

Finance Academic Resource (for universities offering programs in International Finance/Business):

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An Overview of Today's Real Estate
Becoming a successful real estate developer is the motivation of many entrepreneurs and business people. It’s no secret that scores of people have made a fortune by buying and selling real estate. With today’s economic challenges new questions face those who are thinking about real estate investment and flipping. For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become a real estate developer it will be very important to be aware of current trends.

Overview of 2011 Real Estate Market Trends:

Since being a real estate developer is a very serious business which involves large amounts of cash, it begins with cash a person has saved and that becomes the foundation of their investment. Let’s look at some of the factors affecting today’s market.

Negative factors:

  • The national and international economy

  • The wealthy (those on the high end) as opposed to the people who have gainful employment (low end). Therefore, the people who are not employed or who earn low wages, won’t be on the market for buying a house.

  • Interest rates are on the increase.

  • Supply and demand – For the real estate developer, if there’s a limited demand it will bring down the housing prices. Therefore, today’s economy can be a negative factor in real estate sales.

Positive factors:

  • Confidence among consumers is still good and owners of real estate are used to fluctuating markets, such as peak periods and slow downs. A down market therefore can be a good time for a real estate developer to buy and flip; making a nice profit.

  • Housing prices have gone down enough and there is demand by sellers and bank or lender owned property.

For today’s aspiring real estate developer they should begin by being very aware of current trends and forecasts. Frugality, which is now one of the new buyer trends, includes house size, furnishings, and home appliances. The smart real estate developer and entrepreneur will do his or her research to find the least risky avenue to pursue.

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American Flyer American Elite Review
The world gets smaller and smaller every day. The technological revolution has kicked the business and travel industry up a notch. While regulations and precautions have put some kinks in the wheel, so to speak, travelers are still zipping all over the globe on a daily basis.

When it comes to travel luggage, is the American Flyer American Elite brand still delivering top notch quality that can be counted on? This article is a review for those that are curious about what these American Flyer American Elite products have to offer.

The Best Things

  • First of all, style wise there are very few other bands that deliver such a professional look. This is why the product line is so popular among travelers of all kinds. The color scheme, the design, and the maneuverability all make for an impressive companion on any trip.

  • In terms of the online ratings, both durability and functionality typically get 5 stars all around. American Flyer’s nylon is trustworthy, and can take a beating. Additionally, it has all the protection needed for those accidental spills while traveling.

  • The lined interior, adjustable hanger, and four wheel system all come together to make it one of the best traveling products on the market.

  • The price can’t be beat, and finding deals online is a snap. Considering the quality, maneuverability, and functionality, the cost is quite reasonable.

Some Concerns About American Flyer American Elite

  • The many different products have something for everyone, no matter what the occasion or mobile profession, but consumers should take the time to investigate and make sure that they do not pay for too much, or get too little for their needs.

  • When it comes to traveling these days, the amount of hassle that can be cut down is a serious consideration. So here’s the caveat: consumers need to keep in mind that some of the American Flyer American Elite sizes are going to be too big for carry on. If carry on luggage is desired, be sure to check with the airlines and make sure the right size is purchased.

  • There a plenty of choices in the product line, but some offer too much for those looking for the simplest traveling luggage possible. If cheap and easy is what someone is looking for, then this brand may not be the best option.

However, if you are looking for something that will last long-term, this could be worth every penny.

Again, the easiest way to shop for these products is online. They can be found on many different retailer sites, so there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if at all possible, try to go to the nearest store that will have them in the flesh as well. This way, there will be no confusion or mishaps. Online shopping makes it impossible to really see the size for what it is, or to get inside of the products and get a feel for what they can do.

Overall, if some reliable and trustworthy luggage is on your radar, I would put American Flyer American Elite products on your check out list today.

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Find the Best Entrepreneurship Trainers
Statistics reveal that young people today are more interested in entrepreneurship courses due to economic conditions and recession.

What is entrepreneurship exactly? Defined as the art of being an entrepreneur, it is someone who is innovative in business or finance and has the distinct ability to convert that skill into commerce and profits. Although many people believe being an entrepreneur takes a unique person with a natural acumen towards innovation; it is also possible to learn how to be an entrepreneur. Is there entrepreneurship courses available for these budding and potential wanna-be entrepreneurs? Yes, definitely!

With the current economic trends today, more and more young people entering the business world are considering entrepreneurship rather than working at a corporate job nine-to-five. In fact, entrepreneurship is such a growing trend that it’s now being said to play a vital role in the future economic development and growth. So, with all these great stats, where does one find entrepreneurship courses to learn these valuable business skills?

There are several business organizations around who specialize in entrepreneurship courses, training, networking, and mentoring. A firm like the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri is one foundation with an impressive mission statement and approach towards encouraging and developing entrepreneurship success within communities to promote economic sustainability and independence. They provide a comprehensive package in entrepreneurship courses designed for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in developing their own businesses.

Other entrepreneurship courses provide encouragement, opportunities and networking for medical doctors and scientists to innovate new concepts in their professional fields, while the FASTRAK entrepreneurship courses are geared to help those who have lost jobs to learn new skills that will lead to owning their own businesses. also offers a range of online classes; anything from Environmental Studies to Psychology is represented under the variety of topics. Their entrepreneurship courses are taught by top business and corporate professionals hosting online classes that build the key skills necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Futaba Reverse Access Imageboard Ranking List
You may already be familiar with the popular imageboard 4Chan. This is a site where people can have anonymous conversations and post images and video links. Sites like these are used by thousands if not millions of people to share information and all kinds of odd stuff. 4Chan was launched in 2003 by Christopher Poole and has had a large impact on popular culture, but did you know that 4Chan was based on a previous Japanese website called 2Chan or Futaba? It's still the place to find the Futaba reverse access imageboard ranking list!

The Futaba Channel, also known as Double Leaf Channel or Two Leaf Channel, was created in August 30, 2001, when the imageboard 2channel was in danger of being shut down. Though the site is located at, to avoid confusion it is most often referred to as Futaba. It consists of about 40 different textboards and 60 different imageboards. It features everything you might imagine that an immature Japanese audience might find interesting: sports, ramen noodles, pornography, cartoons, junk food, cartoon pornography, (cartoon junk food?), etc. They absolutely love the Futaba imageboard ranking list, though you will find many topic threads flooded with some type of porn.

Like its counterpart 4chan, this site is also a source of many pieces of Japanese popular culture. The OS-tan meme is one such example that many Westerners might be familiar with. Perhaps it’s not surprising that this Japanese craze involves the anthropomorphizing of … computer operating systems. Did you know that this is also something you can find on a Futaba list? These type of anthropomorphisms are known as moe anthropomorphisms. Moe is a Japanese word that is perhaps best translated as a type of love for fictional characters and their accessories.

Most of the operating systems are depicted as female, but a male character pops up now and then. Symantic Antivirus is male, for instance. Windows operating system versions are typically depicted as sisters, though fans tend to create their own versions on the Futaba reverse access imageboard ranking list threads. They usually have distinguishing features to designate their software personality – the Windows XP girl has an XP symbol in her hair; the Mac OS X girl is a catgirl, referencing the Apple tradition of naming operating systems and software in a jungle theme (Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Safari); the Linux girl has a helmet with horns and gears on it – the horns reference the GNU software that makes up much of Linux, and the gears refer to KDE, a desktop environment often used with Linux.

If you're in the mood for a strange adventure, check out for the English navigator website of Futaba Channel, which translates the headings of threads into English. If you don't speak the language, you may only be able to scroll through in awe, lost amidst Japanese anime and teenage emotion. If you're in the mood for an even stranger and more confusing adventure, go to, the original Japanese-language-only site. You might not get far, but who knows – you may even find the legendary reverse access Futaba imageboard ranking list!

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