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Watch TV Online
The modern economy of the last century or so is in transition, and among other things, people are finding it easier to watch TV online rather than viewing their favorite shows through the boob tube. In the last decade every major section of the entertainment industry has felt a pinch from the digital universe. From movies and music, to printed books and games, everything is becoming a part of the technological drive towards virtual reality.

Choosing to Watch TV Online is Cheaper

Cable companies started to get the idea a few years ago when online viewership rose by leaps and bounds. Consumers are increasingly asking that their cable get turned off, because they’re able to catch all their favorite shows online for much cheaper than ordinary cable. There are plenty of platforms being offered to consumers where producers are able to take their cut, but in all honesty, most people can find what they’re looking to watch for free.

Why would any logical person still go to a movie theater and pay exorbitant rates, when they can turn their home computers into movie screens at no cost? It makes no sense when almost everything about big screen entertainment can be had without having to deal with parking, long lines, or gum on the seats.

Consumers Watch TV Online for more Options

The quality of web based programming has exploded. This perfectly explains the demise of the CD and DVD industry. They did their best to provide their customers with only the best, but it’s simply impossible to compete with the type of resolutions and crisp superiority of home computers and hand-helds. Additionally, users have so many more options, from watching episodes and movies of long ago, or ones that don’t play on TV anymore, to being able to avoid all of the commercials and previews.

Technology buffs can easily unplug their televisions from the cable cords and switch on wireless internet instead, connected to their laptop or tablet, and control everything from their couch. On one screen they can have a recent blockbuster, while on another a newscast or sports game. The options available when preferring to watch TV online are growing more and more each day.

Fans can Watch TV Online from Anywhere

Instead of cramped and expensive theater seats or the couch at home, people can now check out their favorite reality show or see what’s up with the weather from literally anywhere. Mobile technology has taken viewership by storm.

There is really no feasible way that traditional television can compete. Whether someone is stuck in traffic, an elevator, or a grocery line, they can jump online and begin watching anything they want in the palm of their hand.

There’s really no telling where the entertainment industry will go next. Ultimately it’s up to viewers and the crafty minds within the techno-sphere to decide. For now, people will continue to watch TV online rather than through a box, and they are showing no signs of turning back the clock.

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The 4 Investment Assets You do not Have to Report to the U.S. Government
Economics is a tricky subject, and opinions differ widely on the status and future course of the U.S. economy. Some experts on one news network will give an opinion that is the complete opposite of that given by the expert on another news network, and it is difficult to know who to trust. In general people who know investing seem to think that things are looking better, but some people are beginning to look to non-U.S. sources for financial security, in particular the 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the U.S. government.

These assets were recently popularized in a report titled 'The 4 Investment Assets You Do NOT Have to Report to the U.S. Government' by the Stansberry & Associates Investment Research group, led by Porter Stansberry. This report begins by warning that the apparent calm of the economy will soon erupt into chaos, primarily because of the tax burdens being placed on the very wealthy. The report states that 1% of the population of the U.S. pay 40% of the taxes, and they are being asked to pay more. However, these 1% will not stand by and idly pay more of their money; instead, they will begin taking their money and their business to other countries, resulting in an economic collapse for the U.S.

Stansberry advises people to pay attention to this situation and to take it seriously. There are steps you can take to safeguard your wealth and your family's future – in particular, making use of the following: the four investment assets you do not have to report to the U.S. government.

  1. Open a foreign bank account - Foreign bank accounts opened with less than ten thousand dollars do not have to be reported under the Foreign Bank and Financial Authority regulations. You only need to report these assets under two conditions - if you have financial interest in, signature authority in, or other authority over bank accounts in foreign countries, or if the sum value of all foreign bank accounts is greater than ten thousand dollars. Each member of a family is able to open their own account. Some foreign banks are able to operate completely online, while others will require that you visit them in person.

  2. Buy some foreign land - Foreign real estate is not reportable, and if you do not make an income off it, you do not pay any taxes on it either. In some countries such as Costa Rica and Panama, you can invest in land and sustainable timber farms, eventually leading to benefits like a permanent visa and citizenship.

  3. Establish a foreign Trust - Trusts are organizations where one party holds property for the benefit of another party. They hold only securities and assets, and can help you generate tax-advantaged income and protect your assets. It is a popular move to buy and use life insurance through a foreign trust. Foreign trusts are fairly complex, so be sure to speak to a lawyer before proceeding with this.

  4. Stockpile precious metals in foreign accounts - Precious metals are not reportable and do not create taxable income until sold. Out of the 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the U.S. government, this is the favorite of the research group that created the report. If you do not want to physically ship metals around the world, you can look into the Switzerland Zurcher Kantonalbank exhange-traded gold fund.

The 4 investment assets you do not have to report to the U.S. government are all perfectly legal, but you should still speak with a lawyer before attempting to make use of any of them. Legal issues are often extremely complex and the punishments for breaking the law can be very harsh, but with the proper motivation and guidance you can help protect your wealth in a fluctuating economy.

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You are Welcome to Post Anonymously by Entering a Nickname with no Password
Anonymity is becoming more and more important as our Internet privacy is continually being threatened. Most people do not want to share personal information when contributing and commenting on websites, so some sites will say that you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname with no password. This is obviously ideal for shy people in general. As you know, the nickname you create, also known as a handle, username, or login name, will then represent you. In some cases you will be issued an automatically numbered name, like Guest1754. Of course, the tradeoff can be spam.

One of the most popular sites where you are welcome to enter a nickname is 4chan.org . This is a discussion forum/bulletin board that is based around images. Anyone can post anything, as long as it sticks to the provided rules – among other things, this includes avoiding spam, not breaking the law, and not complaining about the site. This site is famous for its variety – you will find everything from Japanese anime to astronomy.

Happy.fm is, as the name implies, another friendly place where you can comment freely. This site is dedicated to all things happiness, and you are welcome to post anonymously. Happy.fm is a blog site for Christian Feeger that is also being used to promote his book, "Happy...The Book," but there is much more here than advertising.

You will find a wealth of articles and resources about happiness here. The article topics range from business advice and breaking research to personal advice and gardening tips. There is also a 'Happiness Directory' where you will find a long list of happiness researchers and experts, news, and books about happiness.

The 'Happiness Quiz' on this site is designed to make you laugh as it tests your happiness level. The author cautions at the start that such quizzes are often not based on measurable facts, but instead are designed to guide you to make a purchase. Feeger stresses that such quizzes should usually be avoided, except when they are taken just for fun. Try this one out for a good laugh.

You are also welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname at Bankruptcy-Canada.ca . This is a support group for people who are considering, going through, or have gone through a bankruptcy. Here, you can post anonymous questions about your financial situation. In many cases you will receive answers from knowledgeable people, many of whom have gone through similar troubles. You can search through the database of already asked questions and answers, and use their great tools like the monthly debt calculator.

Some sites need more anonymity than others – RafayHacking Articles.com is a good example. This site is a collection of information about all kinds of hacking, and of course, you are welcome to post anonymously by entering a nickname and no password, because, um...you may not want to broadcast the fact that you are visiting a hacking website. Here, you can learn about the most common Facebook hacks, how to spy on mobile phones and computers, and how to avoid being hacked yourself.

Powered by Burning Book
There are several web forums that are powered by Burning Book. While some deal with web enhancement and analytics, others are designed for media videos and posts. Burning Book is a popular global program that facilitates a myriad of on-line communities. In fact, their latest release Burning Board 3 continues to soar in global and web popularity. These applications help users create and monitor community forums. These can be public portals, along with private boards that require usernames and passwords. While some utilize these boards for fantasy sports sites, others use them for community bulletin boards and other endeavors. With the newest versions, there are also built-in forums for new and existing users alike.

Forums that are powered by Burning Book entail better features than generic or standard boards. For one, these programs enable users to build or design community boards from scratch. This includes registration options, along with polls, user insight, screen names, and especially embedded features. While powered by Burning Book, the latter can add true interactivity to any existing site or blog. This allows users to easily exchange views, while posting updates or content to open or specified sections within the forum. In a nutshell, you can foster a productive online community that can share their interests with thousands of users across the globe.

As part of the program, you can include web counters. This is an essential part in monitoring how many guests visit your forum. You can also keep track of new members, while implementing options for approving or removing members as well. You also have a myriad of choices that revolve around content display. You can display posts both as generic an HTML text, while enabling links and icons as well. If you choose existing forums, this is a great way to start interacting with members as your build your site and online awareness. Existing forums may include entertainment sections, along with sports and current events. You, of course, have the option to customize these sections, or simply leave them intact.

Powered by Burning Book applications are the brainchild of Wolt Labs. Based in Germany, this popular software company has created some of the best forum programs on the market today. In fact, their programs are heralded for user-friendly features and controls. Whether you are a seasoned forum moderator or just starting out, you will be able to have a fully functional board up and running and in no time. There are also several plug-ins that enhance forum posting for users and moderators. This includes open graphs for threads, which allow better management and overall performance. You can also allow embedded links, as well as in-window edits and modifications.

Boards powered by Burning Book simply outshine from the rest. With full editing options and IP controls, you can prevent unscrupulous posters from harassing your boards. You can also ban spamming, as well as multiple users from the same IP or TCP address. In many ways, these forums entail new features for those that want to run flexible and productive boards.

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The Basics of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in our country is quite like the American Dream. It is the one business idea that will not go away, and despite what you’ve been told, the one we all fundamentally believe in. One of the great things about entrepreneurship is that almost anyone with an idea and belief can be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a combination of three factors. Firstly, it is a skill set. This means that entrepreneurs are made rather than born and that everyone has the opportunity to acquire these skills and put them to use. Secondly, there are personal characteristics that define an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will have high expectations for him or herself and will have high achievement goals. Settling for less or conforming is out of the question. There’s a low need to go by the traditional or conventional ways of thinking. One of the most evident characteristics of an entrepreneur is their tendency to take risks. They’re all about expansion and movement, so being timid will not get an entrepreneur very far. They are also incredibly persistent. “No,” is not in their vocabulary. Thirdly, entrepreneurs exhibit deep-seated behaviors. They have a belief, commitment, focus and drive. If an entrepreneur possesses all these factors, success is bound to be just around the corner.

With every plan to success, there can also be the road to failure. There are five errors entrepreneurs tend to make that lead them astray. Sometimes they may get too caught up in their business idea, so that they become egotistical and show overconfidence. The objective is to successfully execute the plan, not show off to others. Another error is the belief in small numbers. This belief will allow them to grossly overestimate, which in turn creates biases in their research. Other times, they will have a planning fallacy. It’s important for entrepreneur’s to have strategies rather than just winging it. This error rolls into the next mistake commonly made, which is the illusion of control. Without a strategic plan, parts become loose and the entrepreneur will be struggling to balance it all. The last mistake many entrepreneurs make is reasoning by analogy. A plan will not simply work out because it has worked for others; every business venture is different than the rest.

The concept of entrepreneurship is all about willingness to take action and see your business plan out. This idea is usually something that the entrepreneur loves and completely enjoys. If there’s not a penchant to it, there’s no reason to make it happen. This is the idea that you would give up your current life for. If it requires you to move across the country, you do it. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you must assess if it will allow you to move further or hinder you. Above all, the most important aspect of entrepreneurship is seeing that business plan executed. Talk is cheap in this game; action must be taken.

When an entrepreneur does take action, it is time for some life evaluations. They must determine who they are now and what can stop them. Staying committed to entrepreneurship takes excessive hard work and dedication, and if some of that was lost along the way, it needs to be regained to stay in the game. An entrepreneur must decide who he or she wants to be. Some may find that this is not the life for them, others may want more. Once that has been answered, they must develop a path to where they want to be. If he or she wants to be at the top, that entrepreneur must figure out how to get there; and if they do get to the top, they must determine how to make changes permanent. As mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs are made. What made that entrepreneur successful was a change of self, and to retain that success requires those changes to be permanent.

Not every entrepreneur can do this on his or her own. Many of them need to find out who can help them achieve their goals, which is why networking has become invaluable in the field of entrepreneurship. The suggestion that everyone has seven connections to get to Kevin Bacon is widely accepted. This means that you know someone who knows someone, who knows someone. For entrepreneurship, knowing too many people is never a bad thing. When meeting someone for the first time, 85 percent of our perception is wrong. Remember, a fundamental characteristic of the entrepreneur is taking risks, even if that means with unlikely people.

Entrepreneurship enables countless people to achieve their dreams, and being an entrepreneur will help you get one step closer to achieving your dream. It can be difficult, but it’s easy for those who have an unrelenting belief in the dream itself.

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