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Passing the Bar Exam
The Bar exam is the last gulf between law school graduate and lawyer. Frankly, it's a tough affair, lasting two or three days, depending on the state, and it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, each year thousands of ordinary people step forward, put on their best and brightest thinking caps, and proceed to pass the Bar exam, some just barely, and some with flying colors.

The bad news is nobody in their right mind who's ever passed the Bar exam will reassure you that it'll be easy if you just follow these one-two-three-step guidelines. By the time you've gotten to the point where your next step is the Bar exam, you're most likely to have your personal study patterns and habits down pat, and you won't need us to tell you that learning everything you can about the challenge before you, studying smart, not cramming, and doing your very best, are the keys that will bring you through this ordeal and out the other side with honors. But if you already know all that, what's missing?

The good news is that there are ways to prepare yourself mentally, intelligently, and emotionally for the Bar exam. The most accepted and widely-acclaimed method of preparation is to take as many Bar Review courses as you need, and also Bar preparation courses. The Bar Review supplies your need for preparative study, while the Bar preparation tends to focus on getting you physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Don't neglect these vital steps on your way to the Bar exam! They will doubtless be the difference between passing the Bar exam and failing to do so.

And if you fail the first time around, don't fail to show up a second time. Failing to pass is not a reflection on your ability to become a fine lawyer; it simply means you were not completely prepared. If you feel embarrassed, disappointed, or like giving up, grit your teeth and smile wickedly at yourself in the mirror. “We'll foil them yet,” tell yourself to your face, “we'll beat it next time around!” Then, with the familiar knowledge of how the Bar exam works still fresh in your mind, get up for another round, and as statistics show, you'll most likely succeed the second time.

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Fanatasia Singing
Fantasia Baby News (Why We Care)
This is a new day in the media, and lately this means Fantasia baby news. Those unfamiliar with this phenomenon may recall that Fantasia Barrino is the reality show contestant who won the title of American Idol in its third season in 2004. She later won a Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 2010 for her single “Bittersweet” from her third album, “Back to Me”. Then Fantasia became pregnant with a married man, had an abortion, tried to kill herself, became pregnant again, tattooed the man’s name on her chest, had a baby, and then split up with the married man. The celebrity gossip columns have been aflame with the ups and downs of the R&B singer’s social life, and as a result, we have a media phenomenon called Fantasia baby news.

And so, one may ask why we care about Fantasia baby news. There are a few simple explanations that actually raise more complex questions about celebrity itself. First, we empathize. Many of us have made relationship mistakes in the past and we can experience that again by following along. We have experienced ups and downs similar to these. Some of us even have the Tattoo of Doom, a bit of ink specific enough to guarantee that fate will destroy the relationship it represents, whether this is a marriage or a favorite band. We also experience the darker reflection of empathy, schadenfreude, a sort of pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. We like to see the rise of a celebrity, coupled with a similarly meteoric fall.

This does raise further questions, however. Why do we care about celebrities at all? Why can we not simply enjoy the music, films, or writings of an artist without also feeling the desire to delve into that artist’s personal life and experience their highs and lows? For the large part, we have only conjecture on this subject. Are celebrity phenomena like Fantasia baby news a sort of substitute connection to our tribal history? We evolved as a tribal species and we maintained this limited social circle for tens of thousands of years. Yet our social lives now comprise a web of associations as tribes have come together and merged onto local, national, and increasingly global communities. Perhaps there is still a part of us that needs to associate with one another on a tribal level. To facilitate this, we may have adopted the celebrity pool as a sort of substitute tribe. Our social circle is generally familiar with the same group of celebrities, so they form a common social link between ourselves and others.

Could it be that celebrities are our new tribes? Perhaps. If so, then Fantasia baby news, Lohan rehab drama, and Spears head-shaving extravaganzas are here to stay.

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GED Congratulations
GED--How to Get a High Score
When studying to pass the GED tests, there are several things to keep in mind. In order to pass the GED you have to get a minimum overall score of 60%. But as with any sort of test, the higher your score when you pass the GED, the better it is for you. Remember, knowledge is its own reward in the long run. Having a working knowledge of practical skills such as language arts, mathematics, science, basic geography and world events and history, as well as good application skills and self-discipline can prove to be terrifically beneficial in your life.

Following are a few tips which may help you pass the GED comfortably and with a high score.

  • Capitalize on your good points. If you love math, focus on that. Your scores will show your best-learned subject, and may help you get a good scholarship. On the other hand, if you dislike a subject very much, begin studying that subject, and then round off your study time with a subject you enjoy more.

  • Teach someone what you know. If you can make a game of it, all the better. But nothing helps weld knowledge to your brain like turning around and teaching it to somebody else.

  • Remember, when preparing to pass the GED, if you don't succeed at first, you can take the test again later. In some cases, you can even take a practice test beforehand, so you know exactly what to study for.

  • Worry is one of the worst enemies of the student, because if you're afraid that you'll fail, chances are your mind will be more occupied with that thought than with the necessary information you'll need to remember in order to pass the GED. So relax, and admit to yourself that you can only do your best.

  • Finally, reward yourself! Make realistic goals, and celebrate whenever you reach one of your goals. If you celebrate throughout the study period, you'll be in brighter spirits when the time comes to take the actual test. Stand up tall, look your reflection in the eye, and tell yourself you are going to pass the GED with the highest score possible. And hey, who says you won't?

Globe Laying on Keyboard
Online Tutors: Free Online Tutoring Jobs
With rampant tuition hikes across Europe and over a trillion dollars in outstanding student loans in America, the disillusionment with traditional schooling abounds. Despite the fact that most first world nation citizens attach the online world to many aspects of their lives, somewhere along the road people began to believe that online tutors and online tutoring were cheap unreliable alternatives.

However, this perspective may be changing, and rapidly. The demand for online tutors has gone into orbit, especially in the western world where money for schooling is already tight. Online tutors offer quality assistance at a fraction of the price of most private in-person tutors, and they are extremely assessable to current generations.

Some of the Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Access: No matter what location a student may be in, and no matter what time it is in their part of the world, tutors are online standing at the ready. Through social media networks and free real-time communication software, everything is at the fingertips through a home computer, tablet, or laptop.
  • Tools: As the digital sphere has evolved over the last decade, the amount of programs and other free tools at the disposal of online tutors is fascinating. Kids these days are perfectly comfortable and take to it much more naturally, good or bad, than to printed books. Why go printed when kids can have an entire library in their hands with ebooks?
  • Cost: Because there is so much competition in the online tutoring industry, which is growing by the day, the cost has come down. One tip for consumers is to find tutors that are just starting out in the online realm, but yet have a decent verifiable resume. Once they get popular, the cost goes up quickly.
  • Methods: Older generations may not acknowledge or may even fear the fact that education is shifting toward the inclusion of web-based formats. However, it cannot be denied that digital tutoring has introduced a new means of education to a new era.

Looking Forward into Education

Where the 21st century will go from here no one really knows for sure. Every social system seems to be in a state of disarray and decay. The workforce of modern capitalism is in utter shambles and no one, neither politicians nor business people, seem to know what to do. At the end of the day, life is going to go on. The economic pendulum of free market forces will swing back the other way and humanity will experience another technological boom. Education is vital to the fate of the species, and online tutors are going to play a huge roll in that. What other choice is there but to swim with the tide?

For a while this depression will linger on, until it’s pulled the mighty to their knees, and brought the endless wars to a halt. On the other end, through the depression, generations will be turning to the digital realm to learn and evolve. The tools are growing in number, the user friendly experience is becoming highly sought after, and the internet is fusing with humanity’s fate.

Galaxy in Space
Learning About Astronomy: The Sky's the Limit
Learning basic astronomy will always be fun, interesting, and essential. It opens many opportunities for fun and interesting mental development. As one of the oldest sciences, dating as far back as the ancient Egyptian times, this art and science form has developed into the modern learning and science that it is today. Ancient Egyptian and Nubian Monuments were dedicated to this, the study of the cosmos. The Stonehenge is a relic today of people’s from times past allegiance to the study of the stars. When you learn basic astronomy, this can give you a very entertaining past time that can teach you many things and be a springboard into further learning or enjoyment.

Where can you learn basic astronomy? From many, many sources. One of the most common is definitively driving down to the nearest hobby store and picking up a book. Reading is an excellent start and as you institute and apply what you learn by observations at correct times, you will grow in your ability to use this science. Purchasing a telescope of your own is a recommended if you are going to learn basic astronomy.

A more advanced idea to learn basic astronomy is taking a trip to a popular star sighting and celestial body locating sight with a professional guide. If you learn basic astronomy from a professional, it will make your progress quicker and more interactive as you will have the added benefits of their oversight and instruction.

In order to learn basic astronomy, you can also do it online through thorough research of your own or a study of any number of online courses to either certify yourself or simply buff up your knowledge of the subject.

Everyone can learn basic astronomy, and as you will soon see, the sky really is not the limit.

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